How can there be art without an artist?

“How can you believe in God when there’s so much sadness in the world?” asked my friend. She had come to my house for a night stay and, like me, loved taking midnight walks. When I look past her strong facade, I see the spirit broken by the trails of the world; broken to ask a question that I can never fathom – How can there not be a God? Doesn’t it take much more to not believe in Him? Because otherwise is presence is all around is.

Sauntering under the stars that God had woken up to light the way of the wanderers like us, I nodded in understanding – she lost her father some years back, she stays alone in a city and with her failing health work stress is just too much to bear. Some weeks back, she heard from her flat a lady crying in the middle of the night. The homeless woman had been thrown out on the streets and had been living on the roads for years.

But I think what she’s trying to ask is, amidst so much misery how can there be a “good” God? And I am reminded of Job’s wife, who might have asked Job this same question and for which he replied: “Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?” Job 2:10

As there can be no art without an artist, there can be no universe – epitome of any sort of art – without its Maker. Though at times, it does get difficult to see Him clearly when the trails are numerous and mere grace can be counted on fingertips. But, isn’t this the time when faith becomes the eyes and you end up seeing God, good God in everything.

For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving. (1 Timothy 4:4)

Like my two friends.

As Job suffered, she suffers too; crying but never letting go. She lost her father, but she walks around with a smile brighter than the moon. She’s bringing up her two daughters and when they grow up to be fine women, I’ll raise a toast on their wedding: “your mother swan against the tide for you alone; for she took to heart that you two are God’s gifts and through you she gave Him thanks. When things became difficult, you didn’t see her cry, because she was crying to Him, to Him who alone could make a difference”. 

Another, who is an Esther, and in the land of unbelievers stands strong and tall. Her father died some years back too; but that’s not the only loss she has experienced. She lost a sister and a woman she loved as a mother -Trials enough to break any human spirit, but not hers, because for this Esther, GOD IS GOOD. Instead of explaining our suffering, He shares it. Because He knows mere answers are cold and His arms are warm. (Ann Voskamp)

So when I have such living testimonies of a God, whom they call “good” in spite of the numerous sufferings, how can I then not believe?



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