Check your rear-view mirror

One of the “Do you remember…” conversations — which is usually accompanied by exclamations and exaggerated hand movements — with my sister last night refreshed my memory of the time when both of us almost burnt the house down.


My sister, 13, and I, 11, were home alone for the weekend. My grandparents’ house, where we would spend the nights, was 15 minutes away so it was no big deal.


In hurry to get to our grandparents’ house one day, we forgot to switch off the gas stove where the milk was getting boiled. When we got home the next day, the kitchen was full of smoke, the cabinet, gas pipe and one of the dishrag was burnt to ashes. 


That’s when we had the “Oh My Goodness!!” moment, realising that we left the fire burning throughout the night. Followed by “Oh My Goodness!! Mum is going to skin us alive for this mess”. Thankfully that didn’t happen either. We bought new pipes, threw the dishrag and painted the cabinet; and mum never realised how correct she was for calling us “irresponsible”.


While I was surprised that I had forgotten about the incident, my sister said, “Looks like God was watching over us before we even knew about him.”


When the future looks scary up close, look back and remind yourself of God’s love. Look for Him in the rear-view mirror.


I remember a family whose house was burned and how their teenage children, who were toddlers at that time, still have nightmares about it. It’s surreal to imagine that the same could have happened to us; that we would still have nightmares where we would see all our memories burning to the ground – personal diaries, letters, photographs, my favourite teddy bear, my first-ever volleyball…


When it’s over, I want to say: all my life I was a bride married to amazement.

(Mary Oliver)


I live this life in a haze,

in a world that looks like a maze,

assured of the fact that I’ll never stop being amazed

of the One because of whom I am saved.






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