Random act of kindness


Having just got done with a family dinner, we were all waiting outside the hotel for our car to pull up.

“You know what I did today?” asked my sister.

Kicked a puppy, chased people on the road, punched yourself in the face? – I blame the extra sugar in my lemonade for such fanatical thoughts.

“I went to buy some groceries and there was this construction worker at the shop. I bought her a packet of biscuits.”

“Did you know her? Did she ask you to buy her biscuits?”

“No, it was something out of the blue.”

Random act of kindness, why are they capable of making you warm and fuzzy even on a nippy November night? Why are such memories more exciting than the ones where every step was supervised and pre-planned?


Some of the words that the dictionary uses to define the word random are “unusual, unexpected, accidentally or applied without regularity”. On the other hand, kindness means “the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate” – a quality exercised even when the person doesn’t deserve it.

Random + kindness = Lots of happy faces

Bringing me to the important question, why don’t we do it enough? Why only once in a blue moon and not once every day to start with? I think we can all do with some “randomness” in our lives.


When Christ is at the center of your life, how do you serve others? What does being a disciple of Christ lead you to do? Although you may not serve as a relief worker in a war-torn country as my friend does, your opportunities for sacrificial service for others are endless.

(Avery T. Willis Jr)

#randomactofkindness: Shouting “same to you” as a school boy wished me Happy Children’s Day (http://www.mapsofindia.com/events/india/children-day.html ) while I was on my way to get coffee.




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