When enough is enough



Some days it feels like you have just had enough. Something as simple as breathing, breathing in air that one has never seen, seems like a trial. But even though the world around you might be crashing down, the heart keeps beating… the constant rhythm never failing. Then why is it called heartbreak when the heart itself doesn’t alter its course? It mechanically keeps beating, fulfilling its job, not bothered about the tears shed or lives broken.


A mother yells at her child in disgust and shame. “You are just wasting your time sitting at home. You are getting old, and with no job at hand, no one will marry you.” The mother is scared, though she rarely admits. Scared of how things are not going as planned, scared that the future she envisioned for her first-born is slowly turning into a nightmare. The child no longer flinches under the hurtful words; used to them by now. But after every fight, they drift further apart, treating each other not as family but strangers forced to live under the same roof. They kill each other over and over again with words that would make Jesus cry.


A friend called, with voice as heavy as a man drowning in a sea. “My mum’s not well and by siblings just don’t seem to care. I feel so low.” Then the waterworks started. We prayed over the phone as she tried to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


But how do you see the light when the mist has blocked your vision? 


You walk through the mist. You walk through the trials, and, though you’ll be chipped and full of bruises, the scars will be more personal than anything that you might own.


God can be found only in suffering and the cross.

(Martin Luther)





Trials make the light in our heart shine brighter. But one needs to go through them. Though a child suffers, a mother worries and a daughter hurts, they are far more fortunate for this is the time Christ will be more real to them than under any other circumstance.


Now is the time, when they will see, if they would just take their first steps in faith… they will see for the mist is clearing and the light is closer than it seems.




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