You are what you listen to



Holidays are over and as I sit in my cubicle, typing the words that are limp like a dead fish, I feel as if I am unwillingly saying goodbye to a friend I won’t meet in a long time. It’s depressing and not exactly how one would want to feel after their much-needed break.


Early to bed, early to rise was neatly thrown out of the window as the holidays included Christmas parties, meeting up friends in the church, going out for movies (Hobbit!!!), reading novels (Maggot Moon, it’ll make you cry), laughing with my sister when we watched Parent Trap that I didn’t get to see growing up…



When you are having fun, the days whiz by. And I am back to the same cubicle that I have been sitting at for the past three years with the only difference that a friend left a half-eaten slice of pizza in the desk. Welcome back surprise or perhaps a joke in some other world that certainly eluded me.


Though I am still struggling to fight the holidays blue, I can’t ignore the shaft of light making its way through the clouds to remind me that I need to be thankful that I even have a job to come back to. A job that pays be well-enough to lead a lifestyle that less fortunate might consider lavish.


And this thought is just the beginning.


I sleep in a very comfortable bed, the best (in my opinion) in the whole world. When I jump into it every chilly night, I am reminded of this very old man, with hair as wild as Gandalf’s, who sleeps on the pavement wearing very thin shorts. Then I am reminded of this police officer from the hills who was in the city for some training programme a few days back. “You are lucky to be living in a developed city such as this; many take for granted the day-today comforts that people like us struggle with.”


Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

(1 Thessalonians 5:18)



Sometimes, something as simple as a few honest words of thanksgiving are all it takes to make the burden light. Thanksgiving is like putting on a pair of spectacles; things are no longer hazy but bright and clear, just as they are supposed to be. And with my current state of mind, I have a feeling that I am not going to be taking off my spectacles anytime soon. 


Oh! The friend who left the pizza… she was close to tears when she realized what she had done. She knows I am a cleanliness freak and she felt terrible that she made a mess on my desk especially since it was my first day back at work. 






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