Working on New Year’s Eve?



Well, then, join the gang. And welcome to the alternate world where people are long done with their holidays and the Winter Wonderland is perhaps not so wonderful after all.


Though I work in a shift that gets done by 8 pm, the others will be slogging till 1 am. My plan for the B-I-G night? Spend it with family or perhaps go to a nearby club with them.


Yes, I would rather choose not to work, but I don’t see how meaningful my day could otherwise have been. Dressing up for a party where the music would be too loud, the food over-priced and the place packed with so many human bodies that the need to carry an oxygen tank would top the list.


Call me boring for opting to spend the night with my family, but celebrating New Year’s without them would make me feel a little empty.  Ours isn’t a perfect little family – we annoy, anger and hurt each other, A LOT. But God choose me to complete this broken and imperfect family. I am sure he has a pretty good reason for doing that and all I can do is honour His decision by keeping them second (He comes first). Spending the New Year’s with them is my way doing that.



Last year, my mum was out of town; so us three stayed at home, ordered fast food and while my sis and I watched movies my dad went to sleep before 11. Nothing exciting, except peace in our hearts. My dad is of the belief that “a family that eats together, stays together” and he was happy that despite the numerous other places we could have been, we were with him.


Two years before, I sneaked out to go to a friend’s out-house party. It was exciting, but also scary as I didn’t want to be grounded for a month. Before the clock struck 12, the friend quickly left to be with his family, who were having a quiet celebration in their home. While the rest barely noticed, I suddenly wished I hadn’t sneaked out. 


It’s a personal choice, and there’s nothing wrong with spending the night out with friends. But while you make your plans, do remember that even though your family might not say it out loud, they might just be wishing to have you around this New Year’s. And if so is the case, it doesn’t hurt to be a Santa even though the Christmas is over!





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