Do you not perceive it?



She had heard about it before, but didn’t know if she should further pursue it. It sounded exciting, something completely new… but was it really worth it? Will it help or is it just a whim of a fancy?


There comes a time when you either let the awkwardness of the situation get to you or you just shrug it off, because it’s better to make a fool of yourself than look back at a life filled with regrets.


“Will you pick a Bible promise verse of me? You were telling me that your friend prays and chooses a promise from Word for the year. Will you pick one for me?”


This friend of mine, how do I describe her? She’s like a sponge. When you speak to her, she really listens. Not like me, who pretends to listen but is actually day dreaming about Martians attacking the Earth.


During one of our conversations I told her about this trend in some of the churches in my city. Every 31 (December), people pick up verses from a box and the verse they get is their’s to claim for the coming year.



While I prayed for her and remembered how she said she is going to make an extra effort to be a better person, ‘quick to listen, but slow to get angry’… I found her promise verse.


See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.

(Isaiah 43:19)


“I don’t know what these words even mean.”


Sometimes, it takes time. Just like the seeds that grow up to be mighty trees, sometimes it takes time for the Word to come alive. But it does. It always does. And it did for her too… within 24 hours. Her boyfriend is moving back to the city and though she is excited, she is very very scared; scared enough to call me at 11 in the night.


“What if the relationship is not the same and we drift apart? What if he gets bored of me and doesn’t want to continue?”

With every sentence, the Word got in deeper and deeper; she had no idea, but it was right there, taking roots in the very soul that was troubled beyond words.


“Do you not perceive it? He is doing a new thing; your boyfriend is moving back, something that you always wanted. And though it worries the life out of you, Lord is making a way in the wasteland.”


With the dawn of realization, her sigh of relief said it all. The verse wasn’t some mumbo-jumbo found in a book that was more than thousands of years old. The words breathed life and she felt it too.


“Will you pick up promise verses for my parents? I would have asked you to pick one for my dog, but I might have a tough time explaining it to her.”




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