Dear dog-lovers…



… Especially the ones who have lost some along the way.


You are brave people. To open your heart and love an animal knowing full well that very soon it’ll leave you forever, takes courage. Whether you are 8 or 18, having a pet is like having a baby and you take on that challenge, even though your ‘baby’ won’t get to see you get old.


Though life moves on, one gets over heartaches and best friends with whom you lost in touch over time, one never really forget their dogs. I might not have a pet, but I do know what a heartache feels like.

The sinking feeling when you rush to the hospital in the middle of the night, with a pit in your stomach, knowing but still not ready to believe, what the doctor might say.


You say “she passed away”. But what you didn’t add is that she took your heart with her. You say “God broke his promise”. That you asked for Jacky to live, but you didn’t receive what you prayed for. But then, who has lived forever? I guess, what you didn’t add, “How am I going to live now?”




But you know what, more than anything, right now you need to stop blaming yourself. You might regret not spending more time with your dog, but here’s the thing – we are flawed. We take things for granted, hurt the ones we love and say things in anger that we can never take back; but one thing that we, human beings, should be proud of is our ability to love imperfectly. Because when we love one another, we allow the other person to look within our souls. And your dog sure did get to see yours.


It’s amidst pain and suffering that one sees God clearly. No matter how much ice-cream you eat or nights you spend crying, no one can mend the hole in your heart but He who gave you that heart in the first place.


You see, what matters to you—matters to God! (Max Lucado). Though right now you might not see, with your vision clouded with anger, bitterness, hurt and disbelief, your dog mattered to God. And you matter to God. Let Him in, He is the only who can fix your heart that’s right now shattered in a million pieces.


** Dedicated to Jacqueline (Jacky) and her owner. I didn’t know that dogs were part human, both of you made me see that. And though it feels like your heart has stopped beating, you will be alright. Not today, tomorrow or next week… in sometime, you will smile over the fact that Jacky is in a good place waiting for you.




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