And I was swept away…

One of my favourite memories of childhood is reading Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and similar genre of books. The books were so glossy and colourful that for a 10-year-old it all seemed real and every page invited me to be part of them, to be the princess that needed rescuing by the knight.

So while I was on the desperate lookout, I ended up doing something very silly.

I believed I had found the knight in Daniel Radcliffe. Remember him? The cute little boy, who was selected to play Harry Potter? This is something that I am not proud to acknowledge, but I even maintained a photo dairy and even maintained a journal where instead of “Dear Diary”, there was “Dear Daniel” with hearts and glitters. Then the obsession began to the point that I thought I was going to marry him, until, I grew up. And, well, thank goodness for that!

While the obsession faded, the question remained: The knights in shinning armour that we grew up reading in fairy tales, are they just a figment of imagination? If the answer is yes, then how does one explain the knight I have in my life right now? (Don’t worry, it’s not another movie star) The knight who pursued me for six years, never wavering, never backing down, never getting dejected by my stubbornness to not accept him. 
You have stolen my heart; you have stolen my heart with one glance of your eyes. (Songs of Soloman 4:9)
The greatest love story ever written was never Romeo-Juliet (or any other), but the one God has underlined in his Word. The story where Jesus took the beating for me, where he died telling me that I am not alone. 

“Jesus wrecked my life.“ That’s what Katie said. “For as long as I could remember, I had everything this world says is important. In high school, I was class president, homecoming queen, top of my class. I dated cute boys and wore cute shoes and drove a cute sports car.” (
And he wrecked mine too. He wrecked mine to show what love really means – sacrifice. So answer me, how can I help but not fall in love, when it is all around? How is it not love when the heart is singing and it’s not difficult to find beauty all around?
While I wait at the bus stop, I smile at the trees dancing, with leaves swinging making them appear as if the tree is wearing thousand ear-rings. 

I smile to myself then I see a carpet of grass full of bright little stars. The time of dusk when all is dark and the sky is bright with stars. A sky to gaze at wonder at God’s creations. Isn’t love experiencing joy, in good and bad times? Joy is always possible, because there is something, always SOMETHING to be thankful for. (Ann Voskamp) 
It took me six long years to realise something that God has been trying to tell me since the dawn of time – I am not alone and that I am loved. Perfect love casts out fear. (1 John 4:18) Fear of loneliness, of what my future is going to be, failure, past failure… fear from everything.

But in the end it all depends on us, whether we are holding our end of the bargain? It doesn’t matter whether we are single, in a relationship or married, the bottom line is to remember to be faithful to our first love.


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