The boulder and its story


Brother-sister fought; I forgot to ask about what. We were on our usual run to the grocery store to pick up some beverages; sugar-high to keep us running when the work stress starts to numb us down.

While sipping my tea, I wanted to ask again. But then this post kept me hooked:


It might have been just another day for the farmer. Worry about the long day of work ahead, piles of dishes, dirt that sits on books and table as if it’s the owner of the house, how will things be in the future. Ah! The worry about the future is always there… you don’t need an occasion to worry about, the worry always finds you; no matter how fulfilling your day has been, it can always find a crack to seep through.


But on January 21, it didn’t need to seep through. It already had plans to make a grand entrance.

On January 21st, a giant boulder was set loose from a mountain in northern Italy by a landslide and proceeded to rip through a 350-year-old stone barn in Ronchi di Termeno (Tarmin). It’s reported that two chunks of rock, one at about 2,600 cubic feet and the other at 5,650 cubic feet, have demolished the barn housing farming equipment, which include tractors, and smashed through rows of the adjacent vineyard and farmland. Additionally, a massive boulder, which is over 14,000 cubic feet in size, managed to slide down and rest against the house that’s connected to the barn.

Luckily, it didn’t roll through the home.


The four-member family might have hugged each other; glad with relief that they still have each other. But then there was this other thing. This worry about how they will make through the mess that will take months or years to clear.

The family has been left with tremendous damage to his property. In fact, more than one boulder came in contact with the farm, making for a huge amount of destruction.


“I was angry with my brother, because he wanted to sponsor a child in the US. All his life he has lived here (India), and never did he think of helping the poor that are all around us,” her words broke into my thoughts presently preoccupied with the farmer’s family in Northern Italy, whom I am never going to meet.

Even though on an average, I perhaps see 10 poor people in a day, I knew what I felt for the farmer family was different. They might have friends who will help them and with their story being printed in majority of the online websites, I know they will get support. But, I wanted to help too. I wanted to help someone in a different country, even though the need is far graver in my own.

“I know your reason is justified. But perhaps the child that your brother sponsored needed it the most; and if it weren’t for him, the child might not be able to make it.” My friend chipped in, “I think as long as you are helping someone, whether from a poor or from a rich country, it doesn’t matter. The need is always there.”

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

(Ronald Reagan)





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