When oaks become creepers



Those of you who managed to stay awake in their science class (I, on the other hand, perfected the art of sleeping with my eyes wide open), might have learnt the sneaky trick creepers opt for to keep their rise-and-shine thing going — they piggyback on the mighty ones. Just like we do! You know, we always have that one person (or even more) whom we look up to; people who mould us into who we become over the course of time or want to become in the future.

For majority of us, the journey on the road to self-discovery is bang on; it’s the golden ticket that many hope to land for themselves. Whereas others are forced to swap seats and get behind the wheels even when they feel they are not ready for it.




Role reversal, though fun is sometimes not very fun at all. And one of the most common instance people feel the oak-to-creepers exchange takes place is –

Within the family: You look up to your parents or even older siblings, but with time, you find yourself in situations where the older ones look up to you. They want you to take charge or many a times, they behave in a manner for which they might have rebuked or even beaten you in your childhood.

For instance: My friend’s mother refused to pick her dinner plate and place it in the sink. The daughter asked repeatedly (she even made the dinner and cleaned up afterwards), but the dirty dish remained on the table till morning. Flashback, she had been slapped and yelled at for doing the same in the past.

Listen to your father who gave you life, and do not despise your mother when she is old. (Proverbs 23:22)

Do not despise when she (or he) is old… because things change when people become old, they start behaving like children. And since we are no longer one (or refuse to acknowledge that we might still be), the frustration builds up. “How could he? How could she? She wouldn’t have tolerated if I had done that when I was a kid, then why should I tolerate what he/she does now when he/she is old enough?” Not just you, these are the questions I struggle with daily, not just in regard to my parents, but others too — people I look up to, who end up behaving like a brattier version of me.

Honour your father and mother… honour them when they are old… I don’t need to open the Bible to circle these words, they overflow all around us. They are written on the old man you spotted by the road. They were whispered by the old lady who found it difficult to get inside the car.




Things slow down when you grow old and rather than making new memories one thinks more about the past. The past that seems more and more glorious with each passing second. And if the past looks so glorious, why not live it once again?

So when the frustration builds up, when the actions of the elderly reminds you of the wrongs you were punished for in your childhood, remind yourself of this — they are living the childhood that you never got to see. Yes, there will be times when you’ll go, “Aww! So cute” and others when you just would want to shake them… remind yourself that they went through the same thing with you. Is it too bad that you are now going through the same with them? Can it really be that difficult to be an oak for the creeper that ALWAYS supported you?



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