Gratitude = Grateful Attitude





When I am unable to fall asleep, I make lists and this time, I made a list of the things I am so very grateful for. Some are big, some quite small and the rest some of you might find silly; despite that they are here to stay.

You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God. This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God’s people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God. (2 Corinthians 9:11-12)


Here’s the list or should I say “my expression of thanks”:


The story of the green bush

Here’s the thing, I am a little (a lot) cuckoo when it comes to trees, flowers and everything green. *Think Heidi running up and down the mountains seven times a day*. The spot near my house where I usually wait to catch a bus/cab used to be very green; by that I mean I could spot butterflies, tons of them, and there were also so many beautiful trees. One fine ugly day, some construction work took place and the entire patch was stripped clean = me very depressed, close to tears.

While I was fuming at the people who created the mess, I spotted this little plant peeping at me from behind the rock. Well, I decided to adopt it (mentally) because what it stood (and still stands) for is hope, hope that the barren land will once again be covered in green. *Crazy, told ya*.

When I am at that place, I always stand next to the bush, which has grown up a lot and, yep, I am a proud mama.

Grateful for the spring of hope when the only thing that surrounded me was the desert.



A second chance

The picture above is that of my cousins, I mean the ones who look like little monkeys. I have seen them grow up since they were little babies. We stay in different cities, and some years back, when I was in my teens, they had come to visit us. I did something that I still regret; I was partial. I was more loving towards the younger one, because he was “little and awww, so cute”. Whereas, the older one, who would always want to come, sit next to me or would want me to pick her up, well, I ignored her.

The ‘dagger-in-the-heart’ pain was experienced when they left. Guilt gets all the work done in my life. In this case, I realised my folly when it was too late. They were back in their homes and I felt guilty that my actions might have scarred the older one. You know how kids are? What they remember the most is how you made them feel.

Thankfully, things are better, much better. I pulled up my socks, so as to say. I call them BOTH regularly, send them presents and go to meet them once a year. And as children are, pure and beautiful, they love me back. *Sigh of relief*

Grateful for the love I didn’t deserve.




Good things come in small packages (or notes)

My sister graduated from the Pest Academy and, might I add, in top honours. But then she does things like this (the picture above). The note, written on my otherwise very clean table (I have OCD), reads: “I love you boo! Have a great day! Don’t fart too much! PS: I am going to clean the table! Sparkling! Don’t kill me!”

Grateful for the little joys that makes the world go round and round and round.



Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy

The fact that I only know of two friends who have been to Disneyland (USA and Paris) makes my all-expense paid trip to the la-la land all the more special. One of the Disney attractions was The Lion King musical, which was SO beautiful that I just wanted to burst out crying. While I sat in the crowd watching the artistes fly around (literally) the theatre, I was struck with the realisation on how heaven is going to be. Before my trip, I knew about the amusement park, I had seen pictures, heard people talk about it, but nothing had prepared me for the reality. I had ‘awesome’ in mind, but the moment I got there, that very same word just felt pale.

Grateful for the once in a lifetime experience.



Till death do us apart

Clinton is my first-ever teddy bear gifted to me by my father when he had come to visit us during the holidays. I think I was 5 at that time. Clinton and I have been through a lot — there were times when I used him as a football (because I could), on other occasion banged him against the wall (I was angry) and on many many occasions hugged him tight (I felt lonely). There were many occasions where I wished he would just come to life. Hmm, I am pretty sure I am taking him with me to my grave as I can’t sleep alone.

Grateful for the companionship that helped sailed my ship during the rocky times.


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