Beauty in the ashes




Growing up I used to be the child in the party who was most ashamed of the gifts she got for the birthday girl/boy. I always wanted to pick the biggest and the shiniest of the presents, but my mum would make sure I took the tiniest and the simplest. “Why do you want to want to spend so much of money?” she would ask without telling me that the present I wanted was not in her budget. She would always insist that I make cards than buy the ones from Hallmark and never throw wrapping paper or any fancy looking paper because “you can always do something with it”.


Needless to say, I didn’t like it. And I would always throw a big fuss when the presents had to be opened. “No, don’t open mine right now! I don’t like people opening my presents in front of me,” I would beg my friends. While they would oblige, I would breathe a sigh of relief, “Phew! At least the whole world won’t know that my gift is the cheapest.”


As the years went by, I had no choice so I started making things and gifting them to my friends – After all, you can’t go to a birthday party empty handed and neither can you always pick a fight with your mum over presents, she is the one who has to pay.



Fast forward to 10 years, and I am still in the business of saving wrapping paper and anything fancy looking. But I am no longer ashamed. In fact, to my surprise, everybody (hope, I am not bragging), love the cards/notes/letters/gifts I make for them. Many have suggested that I start my own line.


Nothing is as it seems, we all have a blurry edge to our otherwise perfect reflection. So when I give a friend something I have made, they usually say, “Wow! This is so pretty. You made it?”  But nobody knows how it all started when I was a kid – the frustration at having to do it all, the insecurity that my gift is the dowdiest and the anger at not being able to splurge. Then came the point where I fell in love with what my hands were creating; scraps of papers and glitter creating something beautiful.






There is always beauty in the brokenness. Always something ready to spring up and grow from places we have given up on or are most infuriated with. Hope you are making the best use of yours!


God plants dreams in people’s hearts. But many people do not continue all the way to the end in order to follow Him to the fulfillment of that dream. Many get started and quit get started and quit get started and quit. They do not continue because their broken heart overwhelms their hope. They do not have any inner strength to carry them through to the end. Jesus will bind up your wounds and heal your bruises. His Word is the medicine for your soul.


~ Joyce Meyer










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