The two letter word which is also the most difficult one to say



Whether it’s a daughter trying to tell her mother that she is hard-pressed for time and won’t be able to do her work or a guy who is faced with so many choices that he is hesitant to turn down any in case someone gets offended or a man who knows what’s best for him but does something that he knows will land him in trouble or perhaps a friend who needs to be told to stop gossiping… the most difficult thing to say, the one that’ll actually solve the problem, happens to be an innocuous looking…




I was on my way back home in an auto (cab). The man was driving fast, but I didn’t mind as the roads were empty and, yes, I wanted to get home soon. When I was five minutes away from my house, he ended up hitting a pedestrian on the road. And what happened next could have ended up traumatizing me for the rest of my life.0


A mob gathered and he was slapped and shoved around; I, on the other hand, was too stunned to react. All the while, I kept praying, “Please don’t kill him.” They let him go, I am guessing, because he still had to drop me home. As he dropped me home, I heard him take a very noisy and sharp U-turn, making me say out loud: “Either he is very angry and has gone back to pick a fight or he hasn’t learnt his lesson.”


I should have told him not to drive slow and he… I actually don’t know what he was thinking so no comments.





Saying no or telling someone not to do something not only attracts unwanted attention but many a times gets one in the bad books. And since, human beings are generally conditioned to be ‘people pleaser’, it’s not surprising that many of us say ‘yes’ when the wise thing to say would have been ‘no’. We would rather drive a stake through our head than say no.




But when God’s answer is no to many of our prayers, doesn’t it make sense that we, too, should exercise that same discretion?



Some of the biggest decisions/instances in my life for which God said no and at this point of life, I can surely say it made sense (except one):



When we were to move to a new city, I cried and prayed for a miracle.

A. No


When my school friend, aged 10, was dying and we all hoped against hope that she would live.

A. No. Her last words were, “Mummy, save me. I want to live.”


When I tried my best to get into universities abroad, thrice, and was always left reeling with the stress.

A. No.


It’s okay to say no. As billionaire investor Warren Buffett once said, “The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say ‘no’ to almost everything.”





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