Pictures of the week: Being faithful in little things




There were good days and then there were bad days. But on the whole, it was a good week, one I am grateful for. Brining to you little joys that made the world go round for me these past couple of days.


If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.

Luke 16:10



Hopefully he gets the mail


Yoohoo! The letter to Tumuhimbise Neville Patrick has been posted. Fingers crossed, I hope it reaches him quickly. And you will also be happy to know that I have updated my sponsorship and will make sure it remains that way.


{To understand the significance, please go through my previous post:




‘Loh’ & behold, an Apprentice


This week I got an opportunity to interview Andrea Loh, The Apprentice Asia finalist, who has moved to my city to work with a start-up. She’s such a cool person and just a year older than me. She left her high-paying job of civil and commercial litigation lawyer and came here on her ‘soul journey’.


{This is her story:}




Getting rid of the clutter


On my day off, I usually do some craft activity. Sometime back, I had decorated my table. I felt it was too much, so took out the extra stuff. I think it looks better, looks simple. What do you think?


Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. (Coco Chanel)




Following up on love after three years


Love in the time of Cholera is a book I have been meaning to read for the past three years. And the reason why I didn’t? Well, procrastination, my friend. So when my friend gave me money (a lot of it) to buy whatever books I wanted for my birthday, I jumped on the opportunity to finally place an order. And yay! I just started reading it, but I love it already.


{More details on the book:




Cool-shewl night out

One of my very good friends had made a plan to go to this awesome place for karaoke. It was brilliant. I had the time of my life, even though the place was crowed and I am pretty sure someone spilled beer on my clothes.



Hope your week has been splendid one and you, too, have been able to gather the blossom of joys usually growing wild in our lives; the only problem is that we are usually to busy to notice them bloom.


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