Here’s the thing about children…






They don’t need guns or other ammo to wound you; they themselves are enough. Compare them to an ant — because “aww, they are so tiny” — but when that same “tiny bundle of joy” faces a dinosaur sized adult, they have no difficulty taking them down.


How and why you make ask?

Since they can’t beat you to pulp, they let their words do the talking.


Ever got into an argument with an angry kid? Or tried talking to them when they aren’t at their angelic best? Perhaps their words made you stop in your tracks because not only were you offended, but the execution itself was so innocent that you were completely baffled.






“I hate you.” For my pastor these words were a stab in the heart.

“Ugggh! What are you wearing? That bright lipstick looks so weird.” This got someone dear very annoyed and mighty pissed. Since the kid was visiting, the girl couldn’t answer back and also because “he is just a kid, bratty one though”.

“Why did you get this chocolate for me? I don’t like it at all.” Says the child in front of a group of people when his cousins, visiting him after a year, give him candies.



“You aren’t my parents; they (pointing to my grandparents) are my parents.” I said this to my mum and dad when I wad 4. I grew up with my grandparents, so I assumed they were my folks. Though I said it as a matter-of-fact, I kind of feel guilty now. Everybody just laughed at that time, but I am sure it might have hurt to hear that.



This is a link to the video ( that my friend and I were watching and were quite surprised on how aggressively he was harassing him mother.



Does a spring of water bubble out with both fresh water and bitter water? (James 3:11)

In the case of children, it does. But what is often ignored or considered cute – I know a family that would laugh every time their little kid would say a swear word; he would be reprimanded, but not before everybody breaks into a laugh –  can grow up to becoming ugly and distasteful. There’s one kid I know, who can be so hurtful and condescending that I want to shake his parents for being lenient. Since I don’t have kids of my own, I try not to interfere for fear of being called judgemental. But if I can’t tell them, I can always blog about it 🙂


The habits of childhood are the ones that stick with us long after those carefree days are over. Make sure the kids, the ones that look up to you or the ones you can influence are on the right track. 






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