Pictures of the week: Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

I tried to seize the day just like everyone else, but there were times when dear friend ‘Your-are-not-good-enough’ did a better job than me. While I spent many hours wallowing in self-pity, the Universe was busy making a point – Love comes your way whether you are at your best or not. But the end result depends on the choice you make.

I seized it like a drowning man who does’t know how to swim. Here’s the list of what made my world go round spinning this week.

Overload of awwwws!

One of the articles I wrote this week was on college students volunteering more and more at animal rescue activities. The photographs of the students that I profiled were beautiful and just made my day.

Take a look:

Gifts, gifts and more gifts

Ï It started with a guy who I wrote an article on. He’s pretty cool. At the age of 20, he runs a very successful start-up. When we got talking, he came to know that I haven’t watched/read The Godfather (*gasp gasp*). To make sure I wasn’t living under a rock anymore, he decided to send me a DVD — he lives in another city and yep, there are still few amazing guys left in the world.

This is why he’s so cool:

Ï My sister needs no reason or any season to gift me things. The recent ones include crazy glasses and a rainbow (to make my work desk look colorful… I love colors).

Link to the crazy awesome stuff she makes:

Ï A very dear friend treated me to my first-ever stand-up comedy act. The show was AMAZING even though it started two hours late :/

Ï More amazing books, bought from the money my friend gave me to buy birthday presents, came in the mail. And I am going crazzzzy.

Ï Then there was free make-up!!! Mt colleague just gave me two lipsticks — red — that are just the shade I ever wanted. Yoohoo is an understatement.

Ï My very good friend and I have this birthday tradition of writing each other letters. I got mine today with a gift, something I always wanted. 

That’s all for this week. Thank you for reading.
I end with the words that keep me going, words that bring life when living becomes too unbearable…

“Today, let’s put on love.
Let’s love others through our words, deeds, actions.
Let’s give others hope through our love.
Yes, today, let’s put on love.”



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