The one who didn’t say anything


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The memories were repressed because they were way too painful to remember. They were not more than five years when it happened — Few let themselves forget, few told their parents and were reprimanded and few carried it with them letting the trauma ruin their lives.


These girls, around 15 of them, were in Class I (first year of high school) when they were molested. And it went on for two years on the school campus. Taken aback for the longest time, many didn’t even realise they were being violated.


There were four teachers who taught computers. Three of them would get close to them and put their hands in their skirts, in their panties. One of them didn’t. He knew what was happening. Neither did he take part nor did he say anything.


He freaking didn’t say anything.


After two years, all four of them left or were asked to leave. In their place came a lady teacher. Those teachers were married and had kids, yet they ruined the childhood of so many innocent girls. 


Years later, two friends from that class met up. One of them spoke about the incident that they all wished had never happened. The same girl had told her parents when the molestation started. They didn’t believe her; instead they slapped her. Her studies suffered, she is bitter and she continues to have nightmares. The other friend, on the other hand, had forgotten about it all until the one started talking about it.


“The way you remember yesterday determines how you’ll live tomorrow.” Both of them went through hell, but they didn’t let it destroy their future. They are happy, have found love and are doing pretty good for themselves. But one of the things that continues to hurt them the most was that one teacher who could have put an end to the molestation, the one who knew but chose to keep quiet.


The way you remember yesterday… Yesterday can serve as a reminder. A reminder of what we have missed, reminder of what was the right thing to do, a reminder to not make the same mistake again.


Every one of us, caught so much in living safe, have acted (and still continue to) like the fourth teacher. You wish you could go back in time and change what can never be changed. You won’t get another chance; you will just get a new situation.


Help someone remember their yesterday with fondness that you did something that no one else was ready to do for them.


Never walk away from someone who deserves your help; your hand is God’s hand for that person.

~ Proverbs 3:27 MSG






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