Pictures of the week: Good things take time

The week started slow and I was almost convinced that I would have absolutely NOTHING for this week’s ‘Pictures of the week’ post. But pleasant surprises await those who agree to hold on a just a little longer.



Beauty all around
After a hellish summer, where temperature soared as high as 45 °C, the monsoons finally came. Oh! How beautiful the weather is now and how I never feel like working when the nature is singing a song that even I know the words of. Here’s a view from my house, which will make you realise that it’s such a torture to be indoors when all the magic is out there.
It’s ridiculous, but yes, I got more presents ❤
That too from Forever 21!!!! There were clothes, make-up, notepad, Minnie Mouse bag… I was ecstatic and yes, they are my month-late birthday presents. But who’s complaining?
Eyeballs timeeee
That’s what my American friends who call this fruit, haha! I love Lychee (, but I don’t find them a lot around my place or if I do, they don’t taste as yummy as the ones found back home. So my aunt and my grandmother bought a bag full of it from her farmhouse in Himachal Pradesh. So eyeballs it is for breakfast and dinner. Yayy!
Photo that cracked us up
Three of us decided to go shopping and then went for a dinner at this fancy place. When we were leaving, we asked one of the staff members to click a photograph. While the first one was okay, the second one made us laugh our hearts out. “How difficult was it to not notice that plant like thingy ruining the photograph?”
So very very very fortunate
This week I was lucky enough to interview Mumbai-born Divya Nag. The interview got around 1,000 hits on my Facebook page.
Divya Nag dropped out of Stanford University at the age of 20 to start a company that got her included in the Forbes 30 under 30 lists of achievers.
Thank you for reading.
Hope your weekend was as beautiful as you aimed for!

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