Give it some time, just ‘a little while’ at least

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I met a friend after the Sunday service; we meet every time, even if it’s for a few minutes, after the church disperses after one and a half hour of service. In some unspoken way, we are each other’s anchor, strangers connected through circumstances that have made the bond stronger. It was easy to spot her in a crowd, her pixie style bob, which I hate because it’s perfect, and her smile, that easy going smile that lights everything in its path. Do I sound like I am in love? I do love her… to pieces; she’s like a sister-cum-mother to me.


“I got a job!!!!” She exclaimed. It’s been a year, a year full of struggles, difficulties, pain and sickness; but most importantly, a year of waiting. She felt she wasn’t going anywhere; the negatives were more in number than the positives she could remember and it was a struggle remembering those happy memories, things to be grateful for when failure was pushing her down. She cried, she prayed, she bowed her head and she treaded through the darkness as thick as tar.


And then it happened…


After you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

(1 Peter 5:10)


After you have suffered… Well, she had the whole party going on. Her little while was close to two years and then she got a job where her boss said “he was more than happy to have her and that she is an uncut diamond”.


Beat that! Restored, confirmed, strengthened AND established!


Her news and one of the verses that the pastor spoke about at the church (1 Peter 5:10) reminded me of all the incidents and of people where one was hanging by a thread, where the focus was not on achieving the goal, but more on their breathing so that they don’t lose their sanity — in and out, it’ll happen and it won’t happen, I am losing it and I won’t lose it… All of them suffered for a little while and then they made it through.




One of them went through a difficult time getting her passport made; her little while lasted for four years. Another one was close to giving up, she had no job, her kids and her ailing mother depended on her. Her ‘little while’ lasted for close to three years and then she got placed at corporation that many of us dream of. The pastor who preached the sermon today belongs to a Brahmin family. He started reading the Bible out of curiosity and his little while of believing and fully accepting came after a year. He also spoke about his wife who was suffering from mental illness and how after a little while (15 YEARS!!) she was restored and now works as a counselor for people who are suffering from the same illness. “I just kept myself busy, did my work, kept up the lifestyle of evangelizing and after God’s little while, he restored what was broken”.




Waiting, as we all know, is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do. But ask the aforementioned people whether they mind what they went through in contrast to what they have achieved. Does the toil of the past blur the happiness they are now part of?


No, no and, once again, a big NO.


Waiting in my language, which many might not approve of, sucks. But there’s no way around it as you and I clearly are not in-charge of making the rules. While we are at it, why not put on our best game face? Because whenever one gets out of such trials, there is always something to laugh about, ponder on or learn from; and they always, ALWAYS make for great stories.


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