Forgetful remembrance




Nobody wakes up in the morning prepared to have a bad day. One doesn’t say, “I am going to take as much stress as possible”. “I am going to make peoples’ lives miserable and drive like I own the road”. “I am going to make sure I snap and act rude because my time is too precious to be wasted answering silly queries”.


I am sure you don’t start your day with such thoughts and neither do I. Despite this firm belief, I fail to understand why I was gritting my teeth when a phone came in the middle of my work.


My work is important, but not important in an unhealthy manner. Moreover, I have friends who put me in my place from time to time: “You are always in a rush. You act as if you are running the world”. Point noted, criticism most deserved.


But on this day, with so many things to be done, I lost my footing. I took the call; it could have waited, but the person making the call couldn’t. The person was in a abyss and, honestly, I should feel privileged that I was even an option; honoured that the person thought I was good enough to be trusted with the problem.




Since I was ‘I am running the world’ phase, I felt I was wasting my time. “I am not a shrink. I am tired of listening to peoples’ problems, can’t they sort it out themselves”? I screamed in my head as the person thanked me for listening patiently.


Guilt is a gatecrasher at the party who always drops by when no one expects him too. I felt guilty about my two-faced behaviour and it’s then I was reminded of what I was reading recently and how beautifully it fit with what I was going through…


This life is not about us. As the author wrote: “it’s like being in a movie where you have a blink-and-a-miss role. You aren’t going to invite people over, play the CD and say, ‘Hey! This movie is about me’.” Because, hello there, you who thinks it’s okay to put yourself first… It’s not about you.


You are going to live your life of 50-60-90-100 years of existence and after many many years, nobody would even remember that you went to the moon and back. To put things in perspective, I don’t even know who my great-grandfather was, chances are three generations down the road the kids are not going to remember me either. Forget about the future, haven’t we all gone through instances  where close friends and even family have forgotten birthdays and other important days?


But the person who will remember everything you did, said, thought and felt is God. He will remember what you did with the time he gave you, he will never forget what you did with it… He is the only one that’s going to remember. Like the morning dew, all of us are going to vanish in just a short span.


So when your time is this brief, what would you want Him to remember you by?


Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.
(Matthew 10:32)


Imagine living a life which is nothing but a reflection of Jesus you are going to be with eternally. And then imagine the same Jesus telling God about you, accepting you because you accepted him in front of the others, because you praised Jesus in the market place, praised him publicly. 


Think about where your life is headed, mine doesn’t look that promising. I am trying not make it about me, I am trying to learn the lesson that it was, is and never will be about me.


I am learning, oh forever failing, and trying to praise him in the market place because I want Him to remember me. And why, you ask, it matters so much? Because when you are wildly in love with someone, it changes everything (Francis Chan). And I am wildly in love with Him.




2 thoughts on “Forgetful remembrance

  1. I don’t just like this, I love it.

    It seems like it takes a whole lifetime to detox from the lie of the culture that we should be seeking to get the very best for ourselves every minute of the day, constantly striving, struggling to achieve everything we deserve, to maximize every experience — and this creeps into Christian work before we even know it.

    But maybe there is a quick fix, so to speak:

    Because when you are wildly in love with someone, it changes everything.

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