Pictures of the week: Remembering

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Whether it was the good news about my friend not having cancer or it was the frustration of having to wait for something to happen, the week passed by with a message — Hope is always closer than it seems. 
Remember the wonders he has performed, his miracles, and the rulings he has given. 
(Pslam 105:5)
From one person to another Reaping the benifits
Reaping the benefits
The week started with my sister getting a very cool gift package, which had candies, stationery, etc. You ask why that’s a good news for me? Well, my sister has tooth sensitivity (=yoohoo) and that means I get to finish the candies. 
I am a spoilt brat
I got another present and it’s the cutest little thing — a fridge magnet, I am crazy for fridge magnets, especially from different countries. The friend who gave it to me, I was meeting her after a long time (two months?), and the day we met was not one of my best days. But by the end of it all, I was very much back to normal = my eccentric self. 
My anchor
What would I do without her?
She is not just my very good friend, but this beautiful woman in the picture also has the same name as my sister (*muah*). I am horrible at keeping in touch, so the fact that I have known her for more than four years has got nothing to do with me. She is also the one who makes sure I wake up every Sunday morning.
10348682_779195102099641_7542888440019890481_o 1
*Gasp* Blinking back tears
So my friend put up this picture as her WhatsApp profile picture and the beautiful thing is that it contains the presents I gave her — the note and the quilt like pen that is “similar to the one from Harry Potter movies”.

I am so very excited
My church, the youth section, wants to launch a website and they would like me to help them with the content. I am soooooo excited; we have a month’s deadline, I’ll keep you all posted on how things progress.
Hope you had an amazing weekend.
Thank you for reading.
Coming up next: Working on a post on forgiveness; a challenge I faced this week that reduced me to tears. On a friend’s suggestion, I am planning on writing about it, fingers crossed. 

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