A never-ending ‘thank you’

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It’s my dream to be able to wake up at 4 in the morning. Considering that my current time fluctuates between 9 to 9:45, I have made peace with the fact that the aforementioned is nothing but just a dream.
This particular day was not supposed to be any different. But considering I was off from work, the snooze button kept getting hit till say 12.30. 
While lunch was being served a few hours later, I was sitting in the balcony with my cup of tea and a book I just couldn’t stop reading (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) from the minute I picked up, which was like a couple of minutes ago. 
Eavesdropping is not my strongest trait, but luck was on my side this time. “I have been up and running since morning, making sure the older one had enough food to eat.” The older (but not the wiser) one is my sister who was not keeping well, hence the fuss. “That’s good. What about the one that’s not sick?”
And I couldn’t help but smile, my genuine happy smile.
I am not (usually) needy for attention, but when someone goes out of their way to look out for me… I “melt like a chocolate”, as my friend used to say. It’s not like I was starving either. In a bid to finish the book, I didn’t want to be distracted; even when it came to eating.
Funny (good) things happen when you are trying to smell the roses; you come across one that doesn’t smell like one, but is equally beautiful. It’s out there, you need to search for it even without knowing about its existence. And when you find it, it hits you smack in the face… the good kind of smacking, the kind that makes you go, “Yes yes! Once more.”
That’s why I was smiling. The words were smack in the face. It’s very obvious that you are going to call/text/write or try to meet up with a person who is unwell. But what about the one who is doing perfectly fine? Why should illness or injury make us realise how much the other person means to us?
Because of this theory alone, I dislike the whole concept of birthday and I make sure I don’t celebrate it. Why is the idea of making someone feel loved and special just once a year such a popular one? Why not throughout the year? It doesn’t have to extravagant, birthdays still should be prominent days of celebration… But I strongly believe we can use the rest of the 364 days to make people feel special and loved. Like how thankful we are for their company/friendship. 
Every day (or more than one day) can be a thank you.
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The incident that took place a couple of years ago. My friend and I were going some place and my friend was riding the scooter. All of a sudden she got a phone call and she immediately parked on the side to receive it. Seconds before that a beer bottle (not empty) crashed right beside us flung from a car whose windows were tinted. If she hadn’t parked at the last moment, it would have hit me on my back. We were shocked and surprised, but completely forgot about the incident until a few days later when the same thing happened to my colleague. She wasn’t lucky and the bottle hit her and she had to take a medical leave for a couple of days. That’s when it ‘hit’ me and my friend how very very fortunate we were. How we narrowly missed getting hospitalised and how thankful we actually need to be. 
Which brings me to the point: Why don’t we skip waiting for something drastic to happen to make us realise how lucky and fortunate we already are. Why don’t we “give thanks in all circumstances… (1 Thessalonians 5:18)”? Why don’t we live a life of endless thank you, because then we’ll never have time left to look at what we don’t have.
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