Bookmark them for the rest of eternity

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There are tears of sadness and then there are tears of joy. The former don’t ask for a lot get to work — a mean neighbour, a bad day, a terrible mood swing, a hurtful comment and the never-ending waterworks burst forth like the repressed water of a dam. The latter, tears of joy, are demanding; they don’t show themselves everyday. But when they do, they are usually attached to a memory that one bookmarks for the rest of eternity.

I bookmarked mine today; not one but two. One was during the first half of my day. A friend had just come back from a week-long vacation and with her return, she brought good tiding. She was gifted a box of chocolates… I was jealous, because I am a person who covets, even though I might have done nothing to deserve it. The fancy looking box had chocolates that had coconut in them. “Ugh! I don’t like coconut, you take it.” I heard her say that in disbelief, because trust me, the box and the chocolates are quite fancy and expensive. “You don’t even want the tin box? You can use it for storing.” “No, I am pretty sure you’ll do something much better with it.”

I, sometimes, wonder what really goes through a person’s mind when they act selflessly. Understood that she didn’t like the chocolates, but she didn’t even keep the box. If I were her, which thankfully I am not, I would have at least kept something for myself. I would have at least hoarded something even though someone else might have a much better use for it.


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Bookmark number 2

It has never happened, or probably such an act has been so rare in the past that memory fails me or I am plain dumb to not remember it.

I took home a cab, the driver was middle-aged and through out the way he kept talking to himself and was driving much slower than I wanted him to. First I thought he was talking to me, but when the realisation struck, I was like, “Oops! Definitely not me.” Anyway, since he was not bickering — usually drivers do because I stay so very far from the main city — and his meter card was accurate, I decided to give him a handsome tip. As I got off and walked away after giving him the extra money, he called out, “But that’s not how much you are supposed to give.” “It’s okay.” “But this is too much.” “It’s okay.” “Thank you, thank you so much.”

WOW and WOW! Never has any cab driver acknowledged when paid extra or suggested that the money is too much to be accepted.

I was beyond happy, I wanted to cry out of happiness. Such beauty is hard to find in a world where it’s all about “me first”. These moments are rare, but when confronted they shine brighter than any riches already in your possession.

I hope you don’t miss them, like how I often do. I hope you hold on to them and remember them when surrounded by impermeable darkness that no amount of medicines, shopping or drugs can ever take away.

I hope you bookmark them for the rest of eternity.

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