There are some people…



“Yes, I know. I have read your blogs; you write a lot about Jesus.”


Never, never does it get old. I know people are reading, the numbers speak for themselves. But by the end of the day they are just numbers; this person, on the other hand, is a living breathing proof. And I am humbled, I always am whenever someone drops a message or tells me they have read my posts. I remember how unsure I was in the beginning, how very disappointed because what I really imagined when I started writing was that my posts were destined to turn the world upside down, make everybody sit up and read. Whereas in reality, these writings are meant to release me; they are, in turn, a witness to how my life is turning upside down with every passing moment because of Jesus.


But this is not what today’s post is all about. It’s about this person, this person who called me some months back, out of the blue, and said:


“I am planning a Europe trip; all my friends are insisting we go to Spain, but I convinced them not to. And that’s because I remember we made a pact some time ago to go to Spain together.”


While her words seeped through my forgetful heart, I said to myself: “Isn’t it amazing that God has made only one of us, that there is no copy. Imagine the world being flooded with ungrateful forgetful pricks named Anisha Dhiman?”


To remember a promise made years ago, and to honour that… How amazingly beautiful is that?


I am terrible at keeping in touch. But thankfully, once again, there is only one of me. We met recently and the credit for that (of course) doesn’t go to me. There are some people you just meet and chill with; then there is this other kind, you meet them and it’s like you are transformed, made alive with their energy that wakes you unlike any coffee you have ever had.


She spoke about her Europe trip, I practically bugged her to give me the details. One of the stops was Dublin, where she was introduced to author Maeve Binchy. I have never met anyone who has read Binchy’s works; my friend got a dozen copies of her work which I can’t wait to borrow and dive into. She lived in the Vatican area, and saw the Pope. I was literally jumping up and down my seat. “You did not!! Get out of here or I’ll punch you.” Despite the fact that this was the second time we were meeting in two years, she bought me a cross from the Vatican City. “Because you really believe in it.”


She spoke about her plans of traveling the world and I was like a sponge just soaking in her energy. With every sentence I was dusting the layers off my sleepy self to the realisation that I had always wanted to travel abroad and that somewhere between the “busy and stressful days”, I let myself forget.


There are some people, who make you realise that your world, your problems… That’s not what life is all about. “There is so much to experience and live for. So much to learn from when we travel, especially out of country.” I know what she means; I remember how my three-day trip to Hong Kong changed me for good.


There are some people, who shine the light in the dark places, places you have abandoned.

There are some people, who make you realise that you will never ever be alone in this very lonely world.


“Let’s make a Spain plan? If you allow, I will plan all the details. I’ll even ask

my friend from Italy to join us. What do you think?”

“Yes,” I said, “Yes…”

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