Million untold stories


You take a decision in a matter of minutes,
But the consequences leave their stain for the rest of eternity.

You live a life of probably 30-50 years,
But you can make it a living hell for someone long after you are gone.

This choice we have,
The rare gift we humans possess, one that we inhumanly choose to ignore;
the one to live in peace or to divide the same in a million little pieces.

These words that come out of us,
Our actions that we sometimes loose control over,
Those sighs, and smirks and the nod of a haughty head —
We e end up playing with lives when our actions are carried out without a single thought.

But there’s a record of every tear,
Every second when a soul cries–
“How is it that a man breaks down another;
How do they fail to see what they are doing?
Have we really become so blind?”

Every tear that the helpless cries,
Every moan that escapes the weak,
They never go waste,
They are all accounted for;
If you ask how then I can only say —
That’s a mystery I haven’t solved yet,
but one thing I am sure of, we are not Gods,
so let’s stop living like one.

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