Letter to the kind stranger

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Dear you,


Can I start by saying that you are one in a million? You really are.


As I got in the car, ready to be driven to my destination which was almost an hour away, I was prepared. Prepared for you to be a chatter-box, if not that, then a quiet and gentle soul who wouldn’t respond even when spoken to directly; I was even prepared for you to be an obnoxious brute, ready to complain and grumble because the destination was too far away. I never get it when drivers complain that I stay too far away, it’s not like I am letting them off without paying them the due amount.


But what I wasn’t prepared for was your kindness, your thoughtfulness…


As I got done with a work call, you said, ” How did you learn to speak English so fluently?” “Books, movies, etc.” “How can I learn to speak that well? I want to improve mine.”


By laying down your guard and letting me see your weakness, you won by heart. I wish I was more like you in my day-today life — unguarded, vulnerable, human… And not the ice queen, I try to be most of the times.



When I told you where I stay, you said the cab can’t go there because that territory doesn’t fall under the company’s service.”But I’ll drop you anyway.” After a pause of a couple of minutes, “Won’t your parents be furious at you for coming home so late?”


I am glad I was alone, because it was easier that way to bite back tears of gratitude. I have had days when I had been driven to insane anger when drivers like you had acted unreasonable. But here you were, going an extra mile which I clearly didn’t do anything to deserve. I wonder why there aren’t many people like you who care, I wonder why I am not like you who cares not just for friends but even strangers, especially strangers.



But you weren’t done. It’s like God was on a mission to show me the best specimen of mankind that not many of us get to witness and tragically don’t emulate.  “The city is not that safe after 8; always take a cab back home. Moreover, always carry a pepper spray.”


You are one in a million because as far I can remember I haven’t come across the likes of you quit that often. I sat in the car waiting to be driven home not realising I was getting in to learn a lesson that might last a lifetime —


“There is nothing wrong in aspiring to influence a million lives, but if you don’t manage to do that, don’t lose heart. The one or two that you touch along the way, they will forever be in your debt and to them it will make all the difference.”


Yours truly,
Imperfectly perfect one




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