Unplanned adventure


It was a decision made on the spur of the moment, timed precisely after pastor’s strong statement during the Sunday sermon: “Jesus just doesn’t applaud you for the time or services or money you give in charity, it’s what you decide to keep it to yourself that he is more interested in. The more you give, the less you have, the more He applauds. ” 


That’s when I decided to get out of my comfort zone. It’s been weeks since I last fasted, not because I can’t, but because there was really no motivation. Today, I decided to stir things up (even though a couple of hours later, I felt like hitting my head against the wall). I decided to fast for a week – a week with no coffee. You see, I love coffee, I really do. And even when I would fast earlier, this is one thing I would never give up on.


It’s a ritual for me and my friend; after every Sunday sermon, both of us hang out for lunch and then we wind up with hot steaming cups of coffee. But today the forces were against me and working extra time. Here’s how:

1) After the sermon, pastor goes like, “Please join us for snacks and coffee.”  — Grrr.

2) From the moment I decided to not have coffee for a week, I started smelling something coffee-ish. – Grrr, Part 2

3) Moreover, the weather is fantastic, one where you would genuinely want to have something piping hot. (*hint hint*)

4) The moment my friend and I got down at the place where we were to have lunch, I see a discarded cup of my favourite coffee.

5) Writing the word ‘coffee’ so many times, is making me want to have one.

IMG-20140907-WA0009 IMG-20140907-WA0011

Fortunately this time round, the body was as willing as the soul (ref: Matthew 26:41). So when my friend asked whether we should head for coffee after our very scrumptious sandwiches, I replied, “Nah! I don’t feel like having coffee. Let’s head to this church, you have never been there and considering how fantastic the weather (it was drizzling and windy) is, it’ll be a good outing. It’s nearby, so we won’t end up wasting time either.”

We sat inside the chapel, side by side, overwhelmed with the silence that so beautifully blocked the noise not just from outside but also from our minds. “We have crossed this church so many times I can’t believe I have never been here before,” she said.

Sitting in silence for more than 10 minutes, I realized why my faith is so important.

IMG-20140907-WA0010 IMG-20140907-WA0007 IMG-20140907-WA0006 

It brings me peace that no coffee (obviously I can’t stop talking about it) ever can. It blocks out the outside noise and helps me listen to myself. It’s a safe haven I run to when I get frightened by the noises surrounding me.

I am glad I didn’t have coffee today (though I wonder how long I can keep this up). I did something different and the results, the overwhelming results, were beautifully different too.  



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