There is more


If you agree with the phrase that ‘less is more’, then the ones who have a lot to begin with clearly are living a life neck deep in things or are surrounded by people or activities that don’t allow them to make the best use of their limited time and transient lives.

I (would like to) believe that Ernest Miller Hemingway would have been nodding his head like a bobble head, if he were to read what I have to say. Even though I have never met him face-to-face (he=1899, me=1989), we would have been on the same side with our slogans, written by him, held up high: “Never mistake motion for action.”


This belief was further cemented by the recent episode of MasterChef Australia Season 6 that I watched with my sister. Three chefs — Byron, Sam and Laura — had to “replicate a plate of sushi nigiri by chef Nobu Matsuhisa and then make four of them”. (

By the end of 60 minutes, Byron and Sam had all the components on their plates, whereas Laura, who was the most organised and calm of the three, forgot one main ingredient. But the one who got eliminated was Sam, who in a hurry left a bone in the sushi roll. She got eliminated because by the end it was all about quantity and not quality.

As I type these words, I try to recollect what heavy-lifting I have been doing since morning and why exactly am I going to feel tired beyond words by the evening.

In truth, I haven’t been doing a lot of work – answering emails, reading up online, and catching up with friends – actually, change that to I have done nothing productive since morning and it’s this realization that is slowly killing my joy.

IMG-20140910-WA0010 2

If I were to face a pressure test, I know I would be going home… But then I happened to read this post:

There are moments in offices, swallowing all pride, as co-workers gossip and misrepresent you to others. Do you feel restless? There is more; a story stretched out beyond ten million years from today.(

Sometimes our lives, our minutes feel so small. Our view of our lives may be small — but nothing about our lives is small. So don’t waste your days wondering if there is more. There is more. Take the threads of your life and go live like it.

And I sway, like a weed dancing to the tunes of the hollow wind… There is more.



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