Pictures of the week: ‘Thank you’

Lead Blast from the past
Thanksgiving always precedes a miracle… words by Ann Voskamp that I took to heart when I first sifted through the pages of her book, One Thousand Gifts. And even though I have everything that a person would require to lead a comfortable life, I am in need of a miracle.
On the whole, a good week as always; I only wish the time could stop… Why does it always fly by?
cute as a button

Cute as a button

The weather this week has been amazing — breezy and cloudy with just the just the right kind of chill in the air. One of the cutest sights, though, is watching doggies (like the ones pictured above) all tucked in and sleeping soundly. I tried cuddling up like that, didn’t work.
Making memories
Making memories
I had the opportunity to be with these two beautiful girls when they hung out at Subway for the first time. Their mommy is so awesome and such an inspiration; she is always on the lookout for making “wonderful memories that the girls will remember when they grow up”. The older one loved her sub, but the younger one just dumped all the veggies on the table. But what all four of us did love were the double chocolate cookies and we managed to finish the entire batch at the outlet. And the kids still wanted more!
Beauty all around Beauty all around 2
Beauty all around
My friend and I decided to break away from a routine and do something new; in our case, it meant skipping coffee and checking out this very very old church, which we cross everyday but never got took out the time to check out. Then, I went to meet my friend at her office and I love her office space. It was an evening well-spent; we laughed, played TT and just talked.
Food3 IMG-20140905-WA0037 Food2 Food1
Give us today our daily bread…
He has been faithful even though I might not have been, especially in the gratitude department.
Blast from the past 2 Blast from the past 1
Blast from the past
While organising my closet I came across some very hilarious photos of my and friends from high school. If only I could go back in time and tell my younger self what I have so come to treasure now… How I wish!
Thank you for reading!
Hope you had an amazing week too.

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