The fall and the nasty little game

Byron FinnertyLead1

It’s surprising how varied and innocent the sources of wisdom and knowledge can be. Some days it’s the dirt in my room and on other occasions, the dirt inside of my mind.

On this particular occasion, it was an episode from MasterChef Austraila (Season 6), a series I have been watching not so regularly. Most specifically were the words of Byron Finnerty, who was the captain of the losing team. “I take full responsibility for the loss; I was appointed the team captain and it’s my fault that my team didn’t perform up to the mark.”
Those might not be the exact words; but the bottom line was he took full responsibility for the fall of his team, a gesture that was appreciated by the judges, who said, “That’s a commendable behaviour, which not many people do when things go downhill.”
“Many people…” I fall in this category; oh! I might very well be in the Top 5. What first comes to my mind when one talks about ‘not being accountable for failures and playing the dirty blame game’ is my behaviour at work. Life at a media house is not a joy ride and if ever an error goes in print, the consequences are terrifying. The penalty (one of its kinds) for making such a mistake is having one’s day off revoked. Everybody in the team dreads this because we would rather have our one-day salaries cut that lose out on our weekly off. Whenever I find myself in such a situation, I either try to slime my way out of it or I end up blaming others. Rarely do I pull the ‘Byron Finnerty’ card.
I felt a little sick after watching the episode. More so, because when a friend of mine was in a similar situation I remember telling her to do everything except take responsibility for her mistake (which was 1 on the scale of 10). But I hope I am able to change.
Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. (Carl Jung)
In this life, there are lessons to be learnt, formulas to be remembered and tests to be taken –I am just doing it all one day at a time, no matter how slow, I am doing it all. And I know I’ll get there…
Little bubbles of wisdom for you:
You can tell the greatness of a man by what makes him angry.
– Abraham Lincoln
All that glitters is not gold and every battle that you refuse to fight doesn’t signify you aren’t worthy of honour.



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