Pictures of the week: In front of me

PicMonkey Collage
When I was four or five years old, I did something stupid. I painted my sister’s face with red colour nail paint while she was asleep. Hilarious indeed, but not at that time. It took an hour to get the colour off her face, the remover itched her skin and her face had a reddish tinge for a few days. At that time my sister vowed she would get back at me; thankfully, she didn’t. But a couple of days ago, I kind of realised what she might have gone through, at least 2 per cent of the entire ordeal. I dropped a half a bottle of nail paint on the floor which took 30 minutes to clean; a very frustrating 30 minutes.
My sister agrees what I went through is nothing compared to what she had to suffer… I agree. Lesson learnt: Nail paints go on nails and not faces and definitely not on squeaky white floors.
take food take food 2 unnamed 2

Give us today our daily bread….

I was on a one-week ‘no coffee’ fast and I must admit, it was quite rewarding; kinda proud of myself that I am not that mental about coffee. Lots of outings with friends and not to mention the morning salads that a man at work, who’s almost as old as my grandfather, always keeps sharing with me.
unnamed (1)
Collecting seashells in the sand
My cousin’s birthday took place over the weekend, but since he stays in a different town, I couldn’t be there with him. So my sister and I decided to post them (he and his sister, why make the little girl feel left out) some pressies. They loved it and then lectured us not send them any more expensive presents. Ha ha!
Happy Tears
Happy tears
“I clicked this pictures because I thought you would like it…” is what my friend texted me when she sent me the picture of the tentacly-flower. Then, a friend whom I know through my blog wrote to me: “You know, you have a line on your blog… ‘Your answer is just a prayer away’. It made me believe that God answers. I knew this my entire life but your blog actually made me believe.” *Sob sniff*
PicMonkey Collage
Little things
Caught in a sticky situation with a dear friend and my sister’s idea, “Give her this (furry little balls made of threads) and it’ll be alright”. And that’s exactly what I did and everything was more than alright the next day.
PicMonkey Collage
Happy-sad goodbyes
My friend is going out of town for a month, she’s the same one I hang out with every Sunday. So that means four Sundays without her. I feel a little sad but she really deserves this vacation. She will staying with her sister who has the most adorable daughter, for whom I packed a bag full of goodies. Excited for her, sad for myself; Sunday will not be the same for me now (sob sniff – Part 2)!
unnamed (1)
A promise…
I am a very insecure person and this weakness is made especially stronger when it comes to my writings. So whenever I would get inadequate hits on my posts, I would start to doubt my ability to write. If your right eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. (Matt 5:29) Therefore, I have decided not to check my statistics with the hope I can tame this monster inside of me. I started writing for myself and I think I should just focus on that alone.
Thank you for reading.
Hope you have an amazing week!

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