Please stop


Anger brings the worst and, in some rare cases, the best in people. It’s a pain without a mortal wound, it’s a drug that one can’t help but give into, it’s a cage that one makes for themselves. It’s different from people to people. But one things is sure… anger rots the insides. 

If you have anger, seated deep inside of you, this is what is actually happening — you are decaying, slowly but surely. And isn’t it always the smell of decay is that drives people in the opposite direction? This self-consuming anger will drive them away from you too. Even the ones that love you, the ones that you don’t deserve to have in your life, the ones that fought for you when everybody else left, it’ll drive all of them away. You, you will drive them away.
I can’t help but feel utterly helpless,
for you have a choice that you refuse to take,
for the door you refuse to open.
Can you just stop?
Can you treat what is infected?
Don’t you see?
Don’t you see it’s killing you?
Can you really not see what it’s doing,
to you and everybody around you?
Anger is never justified, for it’s an emotion that is not just.
You’ll say words you regret,
you’ll break hearts that’ll never mend.
You kill innocence,
and you’ll make it impossible for the people to
believe that world can also be good.
I am this monster’s first-hand witness and I can say there is nothing good about this raw emotion. It swallows up the good and spits out the ugly. Do you get angry? Do you say things you shouldn’t? Do you then carry a guilt twice your size? If you, then stop. Stop being angry, stop lashing out people, stop making this world more broken than it already is.
Just stop… please!

One thought on “Please stop

  1. The fine line between letting go of anger and suppressing anger is so blurred that most of us including myself can never seem to get our heads around it.

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