To know the unknown in a very known world


The venue for Tedx Bits Pilani Hyderabad

When it comes to relationships, it’s good to have something in common; but it’s insanely awesome when the opposites attract and get along like house on fire.

I believe the ‘opposite connection’ holds true in my case. I know a lot of people, but my go-to friends are the ones with whom I do have a few things in common, but a lot of things that set us a world apart — One is into infographics, other is passionate about social enterprising; some love to party like there’s no tomorrow, while with others, I can just sit down and talk about Christ for hours.
They are all so different and because of their varied interest I know so much more than what I would have ever learned on my own.
It was due to one such friend that I got to spend a Sunday in a manner most fulfilling. This friend, she is almost twice my age and two beautiful children. I met her at my first job, which was like four years back, and thanks to her we are still friends. This friend has a crazy appetite for everything and anything good the world has to offer — Be it books, background scores of films or the Ted talks, which thanks to her enthusiasm, we got to attend this weekend. She attended the same event last year, but this time she was so persistent that I come too. And I am glad she did that.
Now, I can’t even begin to express how psyched I am. It’s events like these (this Sunday it was Tedx Bits Pilani Hyderabad) that make you realise that you are just a speck in this universe, that your problems are NOT the end of the world and that there are infinite number of things out there that we need to know, learn and absorb.
Here’s a list of things that made me jump with excitement. Hope they motivate you to do something too:
Going all fan-girl with Upasana
Upasana Makati is the founder of India’s first lifestyle Braille magazine, White print. Her story is wonderful for the simple reason that she decided to do something for a community that lives in darkness. I loved her video B for Braille, actually I cried when they were playing it during the conference. When she walked to the centre-stage I was stunned, not only is she beautiful, but her presentation was, in my opinion, the best of the lot. Here’s the link that will activate the waterworks in you:
For the love of animals: This remarkable, 19 minutes long video, has the potential to change the way one looks at animals —
Life changing: Jane MacGonigal decided to use her weakness to help herself and others around the world to ‘BeBetter’. This is the game that can give you 10 extra years of life —
Laughing out out: Through out the event, my friend kept telling me that once she gets home she’ll send me the link of one of the funniest Ted videos. Coincidentally, they played the exact same video as a conclusion to the event. It’s brilliantly funny:
I pray you have friends as crazy as mine, I really hope they push you in the direction that you wouldn’t have thought on your own and I really wish they “make you always do what you are afraid to do”.

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