Pictures of the week: Someone, somewhere, some place

PicMonkey Collage_1

I was introduced to Tinder this week (yes, I am slow). And like everybody else I was excited to start using it… but the app is not compatible on my phone. I guess the silver lining is that I was saved from another distraction in my already distracted life. I have the tendency to get obsessed with such apps; but few of my friends are using it, and it has worked out pretty well for them. I guess, to each his own.

I also got an email from the organisation through which I sponsor a child, Tumuhimbise Neville Patrick, in Uganda. It read: Send a Christmas Gift to Your Child! Every Compassion (name of the organisation) child receives a gift! With your donation, we purchase a gift for your child, gifts for children whose sponsors can’t give, and children who aren’t yet sponsored. This way, no child is left out.

I had to pay USD 20, which is around Rs 1,200 and honestly not a great amount of money considering the fact that I am working. So, I guess the little we do does matter to someone, somewhere, some place.

with others unnamed

New place with old friends

Dressed up and headed to one of the coolest pubs in the city. It’s a rooftop place and the view was fantastic and the company I was with amazing. I got back home by 2 and I was just dying to sleep. The day actually turned out to be fun but very hectic.


First TED event

Since I got back home at 2 am, I was a skeptical whether I would wake up in the morning. But early morning the moment I opened my eyes, my cute little brain had only one thought for me: Let’s do this. And that was a wake-up call, better than any coffee I had ever had.

TEDxBITSPILANI, which was an extension of the TED event, took place at Bits Pilani Hyderabad Campus. I had always wanted to check out this campus and on this particular Sunday morning, I am glad. The campus is so green and beautiful. I met a lot of people (*hint, cute boys) and was totally inspired by the end of the sessions.

unnamed (1)

Give us today our daily bread…

Thank you God.

PicMonkey Collage DSC_0037

Another interesting, political visit

Last time, it was actors Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor accompanied by director Homi Adajania (who will be directing the Indian version of The Fault In Our Stars, fingers crossed); this time, it was Kalvakuntla Kavitha (Indian Member of Parliament and Telangana Rashtra Samithi party member), who came to visit us at the office.

After the interaction, my colleagues and I went cuckoo over the food — brownies, pizza, garlic bread and chips. Gosh! I ate like a pig; the brownies were fantastic.

Thank you for reading.
Have a nice weekend!


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