Pictures of the week: Here and there

the lead picture

A week that came and went; caught in its mist, I tried to make sense of things I had no control over and like always failed. But one of the main lessons — Never lie to your friends; not only is it not worth it, but the sneaky fellow called ‘Mr Guilt’ can surely ruin your appetite.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg star star2 star3

Starbucks is here!

I love coffee, so when my colleague told me about the launch of city’s first-ever Starbucks, I was more than excited. The decor is amazing and the food+drinks (which we got for free, yay!) were scrumptious. My friend and I are were very naturally high by the time we got back.


Presents time 

My colleague got back from Singapore and she got us all such amazing gifts. Mine is an umbrella, the kind that I always wanted, and a beautiful top. Still cant believe she spent so much on all of us.

amrita Priyanka

Then it was time to give


Bought a present for a friend who drives me around the town and doesn’t ask for gas money; presents for the friend who got me a lot of presents from Singapore; surprise bunch of flowers for a friend on her birthday and presents for another one who was most understanding and forgiving when I lied to her.

take this food

Give us today our daily bread…

It’s always a surprise when I look at the all the food photos of the past week. I spend so much money eating out. And it’s surprising that I have sufficient money to fund such a lifestyle. A blessing indeed!


Thank you


Words can’t describe how happy the soul was when you (you know who you are) called up the day after I wrote about falling sick and how towards the end of the conversation you said, “Dude! Your writings have immensely improved, by leaps and bounds. Very proud of you.” Thank you… Thank. You.

…. And thank you so much for reading.

Hope you had an amazing week.

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