Letter to the beaten dolphin






Dear you,


My friend told me what happened to you; I don’t know if it was real or just another false news report doing the rounds of the internet. But we sure did find the whole incident funny, at least at that time. We called you stupid and silly too. I am sorry, we shouldn’t have, I know that now.

He said the experiment was on how a glass was placed in front of you under-water and the researcher wanted to study your reaction. Unable to see it or comprehend what it’s does, you would keep hitting the glass whenever you would try to swim from one point to another. Then you would turn back confused as to what was going on. I bet it might have been frustrating — doing your best to not go wrong, giving it your all and most of all not giving up… but every time you found yourself hitting the wall you couldn’t even see.

Frustrating indeed when your efforts seem meaningless. 

Crushing indeed is the blow to the spirit;
the weight of which changes a person forever.

After hitting the glass for numerous weeks, the researcher removed it. You were tired and weary, but more than anything you were changed. This time you didn’t need the glass to push you back, you yourself would take a detour assuming the glass was there.

I wonder now. How long would they have waited for… how long before they realised that you were not going to give up? I bet it might have hurt. I have banged myself against the glass many a time; it hurts your body and also your ego. And I have given up too, just like you. Changed because that’s what the world was comfortable with.

I should not have made fun of you, because I feel that I am like you in many ways. Wounded, hurt, beaten, ready to give up… And the only reason why I haven’t taken a detour, why I have not let failures push me back is…

… because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world (1 John 4:4).

I am going to keep hitting the glass until it breaks. And when that happens, I am going to find others and help them to do the same.

Your truly,
Imperfectly perfect you

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