To be read on June 9, 2013..

take2 take3 take1

It’s a fragment from my past that I had forgotten all about. I was supposed to read this letter last year, exactly on June 9. But as I said before I forgot and missed doing what I had promised myself to do; until today.


It’s a year late, but I am still not complaining. What I am really doing is grinning, from ear to ear. Here’s what those three pages contain. I have taken the liberty to exclude paragraphs that are completely mortifying and also, please be prepared for some terrible English:


letter letter2
(Dated June 9, 2009 — My 20th birthday)
Dear Future Me,


Another year, another birthday. You might be wondering as to what is so special about this day? It has 24 hours and just like any other day, it is going to pass away.

Now, nobody said birthdays are meant to be celebrated extravagantly. You may as well spend it alone, in the afternoon, crying to yourself… Feeling utterly hopeless as to whatever you ever wanted to achieve has yet not happened. And, in fact, you have a feeling it might never.

But, then, have you ever heard of someone holding back the wind? You are that wind. You can achieve anything you want, be anyone you want to be. But like the wind, don’t hold yourself back. Don’t care about what people think of you. But then don’t even be insensitive towards people’s feelings either.

Keeping things bottled up inside is not a good thing. You will either implode or explode. None of which is a healthy option. Try to maintain healthy and friendly relations, tell your loved ones how you feel about them — be it good or bad; but, remember, there is always a subtle way of saying negative things. I wonder whether your friendship with G will survive till your 24th birthday. (Sadly, it didn’t)

L-O-V-E in my opinion is the only thing that can save you and keep you from going insane. I don’t mean finding love for yourself. That is a tough one in your case! I mean, to be able to love others and not expect anything in return. Learn to share your things, share love and you will feel blessed. Do not get into a relationship with just ANY guy. (I did exactly that two years later) 

Don’t give up. Sounds like a cliche but one that is so true. If you want to do great things then don’t expect that it will come to you on a bed full of roses. Sacrifices are hard, but if done for greater good, they are revolutionary.

You are NEVER alone. God is watching over you. He is watching over you right now as you write this letter. Make sure you put up a good fight to make your dreams come true. Do not be ashamed or afraid of your faith in God.

I know you want to go to the US; I pray that when you read this letter five years later, you are in the US. (Flop show)
Don’t let the world make you think that your dreams are useless. Because they are not. Girl! You keep on hanging there and make your ‘Past Me’ proud.

I believe in you and you can achieve ANYTHING you set your heart to.

Yours lovingly,
Past You!!! (4 pm)


“Not bad!” Is what I kept repeating in my head as I tried to stop myself from laughing out loud. The hope that was slowly losing its grip around me, found yet another way to drown me in it’s never-ending water. I am thankful. Thank you ‘Past Me’, your work here is done. Now you rest!



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