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If you are having a terrible day, a tiring week, a disturbing month, a depressing year; here’s a fact for you…


There were 365 days in 2007, 24 hours per day and 60 minutes per hour so 365 x 24 x 60= 525600 minutes per year. In 2007 there were 134 000 000 babies born/yr divided by 525 600 minutes/yr = 255 babies born every minute.

{The statistics are seven years old, but this is the estimate one looks up to even now}

255 babies every minutes. 255 brand new reasons to be crazy with happiness every minute… 255 reasons for new joy for someone, some place…

Expect you and me… well, because both of us are busy wallowing in self-pity, unable to accept the hand life has dealt us with.

Unfair. Totally unfair. And very very sad. Because when those 255 babies/per minute ratio grows up, they are going to be very angry at you and me for leaving them a world where we didn’t try to change things that what we hated the most.

Why not make an effort then? Why not leave this “hell of a place” craving for a lot more for the heaven that we all wish to live in? Why not take baby steps… 255 steps, 255 ways, 255 changes one day at a time?

Here’s one for you:

#1 Change your thoughts and you change your world.

Write a book, make friends with people you always felt awkward around, take up a hobby (I need to desperately learn how to swim)… change your thoughts, and when you die, you’ll surely leave this world a little less grayer.

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