Pictures of the week: In the business of giving (Literally)



I have been thinking about this concept since a long time. I really do believe in the power and blessing of ‘giving’ and this time I want to include Y.O.U.


I am forever indebited to you for dropping by and giving more meaning to the words than I could ever find. So as a thank you, I would like to give you something too. A little present; far too little compared to the encouragement you have been giving me.


Made by my sister, here are a few and limited (I am sorry) thank you presents. Please drop me a message and I’ll post them to you (no matter where you live in this whole wide world).



IMG-20140905-WA0004 2My little wand


From me to you

I only have one of each — candle, bookmark and a hair band. So do let me know which one you would like. Send me a message and please do include all the details that I would need to be able to send the goodies to you.


Holding on…

I feed on what the wise have to say. And this week, it felt like they were writing just for me, like they knew what I was going through and their words were the nourishment that I needed the most at that time. Here’s top 4. Hope they encourage and build you up too:

1) Be ruthless about what you won’t accept in your life

2) Heartbreaking

3) Hope and Wait

4) The most sincere form of ministry and outreach will never be seen on the pages of Facebook



Beautiful view at work

This is my view from where I sit at work. Oh wait! You couldn’t find it? Neither did my friends. Sometimes all you need to keep going is to look a little ahead… The windows. Did you see it now? Focus, squint and it’s right there.



Give us today our daily bread…

Forever grateful.


Thank you for reading.
Hope you have an amazing weekend too!


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