Never say never

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I never believed in love at first sight, the same way I never could believe I could ever write.

The afternoon sun was crisp, the breeze steady and even though I was travelling on a road unknown, I kept going. I had a purpose, I had to be at this home and that purpose alone kept me going, kept the fear away of being at an unfamiliar terrain, kept me from turning back.

The door opened and my eyes fell on her — she was so full of spirit, as if she knew I was coming and now that I was here, she couldn’t contain the happiness in her tiny, furry little body. I love animals, and I especially love dogs to death. I have never had a pet in my life, so when it comes to approaching other’s, I feel scared. Scared of what the animal would think of me, scared of their excitement, scared of their very sharp and pointy teeth.

“Are you scared of dogs?” asked the lady of the house. My head was getting ready to give its customary nod, when out came the words, “Not at all.” The door swung open and she was all over me — she licked my feet, she licked my jeans and she tried to climb over my head. Before this day my usual reaction would have been to stand frozen. But this time was different. I think it’s got to do with the fact that she was 1/10th of my size.

IMG-20141016-WA0006 IMG-20141016-WA0005 IMG-20141016-WA0003IMG-20141016-WA0002

“What’s her name?” “Fluffy, she is 10 months old.” 10 months old and so much more alive than I ever was at the age of 10. Fluffy, on the other hand, wasn’t done yet. She tried licking my face, my neck and in between also took breaks to scratch herself. Then she got a little red toy and wanted me to play with her.

The fear had kept me away from this, this love that came rushing towards me that afternoon and threatened to knock me down. Fear of the unknown is generally fear of letting go of what one’s comfortable with. I am happy I let go of the fear when I walked inside that door.


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