Pictures of the week: Puppy love

PicMonkey Collage.jpg doggie

I did pilates, for the first time, for an hour and now my body hurts. But surprisingly, I love this soreness, it makes me feel good, like I have pushed my self and the soreness is a reward for that ‘brave’ attempt. Lately, I have been experiencing a different kind of soreness, one that affects the mind and is clearly not rewarding in any sense — insecurity. Insecure about whether my efforts or whatever I am doing in life are making any sense or are worth it.

It’s always said that one must get a regular dental check-up every three months to avoid risk of cavity. I am like the patient who goes to the doctor when the tooth hurts and one can no longer contain the pain. And as I got more and more insecure by the day, I realised what I should have done on DAY 1 when the pain first began — pray; “God, give me a sign that what I am doing, what I am writing is not an utter waste. I need, I desperately want a sign.”
When I told my friend about this, she was surprised. “Really?” she asked. “It was just the other day at work when I was asked who inspires me the most. I said you. I said you have a way of expressing yourself with words that I admire the most.”
I am at peace now. I needed to hear this. I needed this balm to bring relief to the soreness I couldn’t get rid of on my own. And now I can tell you how my week has been. Ready. Set. Go.

Sunil and bharat as Jessy pink man and Walter white Sreema as narutu karima as aroma DSC_4325 DSC_4338 unnamed (1)
Comic Con!!!!

This was my first time at Comic Con and I totally loved it. Even though I wasn’t dressed as a character, around 20 people came up to me and asked: “Are you dressed as somebody? Can we take a picture.” It was hilarious and a lot of fun!

Taken unnamed Mario
Presents alert!

This week has been amazing — I got so many presents from my sister, who also went to the Comic Con. She is an amazing collector and she bought some amazing things from Comic Con (yes, the puppy got there too!)

unnamed (1) unnamed
A very happy birthday 

A very good friend’s birthday gave me an opportunity to get out of the house on my day off. We went to a new place I have never been to before (Flying Spaghetti Monster) and then waited in a long line for coffee (Starbucks). And here’s what she had to say about her day (she write very well):

Have a nice week ahead.
Thank you for reading.



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