His and mine story

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He sits alone and forlorn. It’s been a long and slow day. With not many people stopping by, it’s also been a little disappointing. “Oh god please. Just one customer. Let me not feel like a failure. Let me make some money today. Let me feel a little worthy.”

He sits on his little bench in front of his little cart. Waiting is a game best played when you are sure you have nothing to lose. But then, it never really works that way. Every tick of the clock can be paralytic. “Was this the right thing to do? Am I going to fail? Will everybody turn out to be a success except me?”

I can see his back, his face is not quite visible under the faint light of the flickering lamp. I know him not by experience but by a common thread that binds billions of lives together — hardship.

Life can feel like an horribly made horror movie. The script, alone, can feel like its one of its kind. Thankfully it’s not; and many a times, it just takes a glance around to make one realise that. Worn and rejected? There will be many around feeling the same. Hopeless and afflicted? The ones similarly wounded limp just behind you.

You are not alone, your problems are not one of a kind…
Your story could as well be mine; we just need to find each other,
and we’ll sail through the stormy seas just fine.


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