(2) Waiting

take this


It’s raining. There’s nothing new about the water that slowly makes its way through the layers of my clothes. I make my way through the slush, feet slipping as I try to balance the coffee that feels like was made on the surface of the sun.

It’s Sunday morning and I am heading out to work. But before that, I find myself in a hall, singing praises to Jesus whom I love.

The light flickers from the computer, a thing I spend more time with than family and friends. Some days I feel I am going to go blind, on other days, I write something meaningless.

The day is coming to an end, the sky turns black, I can see it clearly from the window next to my desk. I check my email, and I check it again and again. I have lost count, but my fingers seem not to mind.

“Why is there still no message,
when I have waited for it so long today?”




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