Do. Not. Judge.

We judge other by their behaviour. We judge ourselves by our intention.


I am always confused, with this little fuse that I can never light up in people when mine is fused.

I know it might seem that I have no problems. My life might seem as secure as those chains that you can’t get out of. But my past is just like yours, abused and broken.

My daddy didn’t leave me, my mamma didn’t ill treat me, I never spent a day in the streets and I always had food to eat. But I cried as many tears as you did when you were little. My demons might be friends with yours, they might have started with the same song: “Today we take her down, and then we haunt her forever”.

There’s no bruise, there’s no limp and there’s are certainly none of the medals I see you shining under the sun. But I had troubles and there were days when I didn’t think I would see another.

So don’t assume that I never had any worries, all you notice is the smooth sail and not the broken ferry.


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