The house in the woods

New Mexico19

I stand in the cold,
but there’s a house down the road;
its shining with lights,
seen on a Christmas night.

I take a step further,
I get a little close,
and I can smell food so very yummy, so hot.
My bones are shivering,
my teeth are chattering,
but my legs, on the other hand, refuse to go any further.

I drag myself and I take step closer;
and now I can see people dancing and hugging;
there’s fire burning in the middle of the room.

I stand still and watch,
I memorise the faces as they pass.
I take a deep breath,
I hug myself a little tighter,
I look at the knob that’ll open the door,
and take me to a place that’s not so painfully cold.

I take a step further,
and then I look down.
I hang my head and quickly turn around.
I walk back in the cold,
I walk till I can see the light, the happy faces no more.

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