(6) Promise fulfilled

Source: zulily.hardpin.com
Source: wandering-gypsy-bridal-guide.tumblr.com
Source: flickr.com
Source: sharealikecooking.blogspot.com

It’s the ticking of the clock,
it’s the passing of the time,
that makes one look back,
and makes one realise.

The things we now have, the ones we never did,
are like presents wrapped and ready,
waiting under the tree.

But then there was a time,
when it all seemed surreal.
Laughter, joy, peace,
were just lofty ideals.

The jinx is broken, the curse is lifted.
Where there was nothing,
now there is place for not anything else.

A promise fullfilled, a dream that is no longer just a dream;
it is finally happening,
all you can do is open the doors and let it in.


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