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These words are written in chalk on the board next to my bed, how I wish I could write them as easily on my heart; carry them around like a weapon when the assault begins.

Not just like the oak trees that look so magnificent under the morning sun; but also like the weeds that one fails to notice under the magnificence of the giants surrounding them. This wind, one that cares nothing about the damage it will cause in its wake… It will either uproot you from your firmly established foundations and take you with it; or, you can let it roll over you, you can bend under the pressure, hit rock bottom, but when it’s over, you can stand tall, broken and limp, but you can stand back on your feet once again. Because whether you like it or not, this cruel wind is going to come. No matter how secure life might seem right, somewhere down the line, you are going to hit the floor… So, do you want to break or do you want to bounce back?

‘Them’… It’s heartbreaking to realise what one human can do to another. But as someone older (and sometime wiser, ha ha) once said, ‘Don’t let the world disappoint you. Just because it lets you down, doesn’t mean that’s how everybody is. It just means you have a lot left to see.’ Many a times, it’s the one closest to us who are the first one to stone us. Oh! How many times that person has been me. But when the same smacked me right in the face, my first reaction: “Why? Why me? What have I done to deserve this?” Turns out, I have done a lifetime of wrong to deserve exactly what I am getting right now.

We are all fearful of each other — scared of being abandoned, scared of that irritable colleague who never thinks before saying something hurtful, scared of our parents fury, scared of the harm the strong can unleash on the weak… And, perhaps that’s why it needs to stop, this living in fear, being scared all the time… Why you ask?

I am trying (and failing and trying again) to imprint these words on my heart. I want to breathe easy, it’s not a fun life when every minute I feel like I am a speeding car that will soon crash into something and blow up in flames.

I am trying (and failing and trying again) to remember these ancient words that so many lives have pined their hopes on.

I am trying (and failing and trying again) to make sure that I don’t go down like the oak tree that was oh so proud to bend and bounce back when the wind came along.


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