How long?

Take 2

Uphill, downhill,
like a swing this life of bell rings.

Today’s good, yesterday was better,
but tomorrow’s a little bit cluttered.

She is tired, but he thinks she is a hurry.
She has waited for six years,
but he asks ‘Why do you worry?’

She was on her way to get her tooth fixed,
but whom does she go to, to have him checked?

He is not ready, it’s as simple as that.
How do you tell yourself
that someone you loved since you were a child
is not yet ready to get married.

Life goes on, love holds on,
but how long before one moves on?
This life, it’s her story,
she might not know the ending,
but she can try and write the beginning.

There’s someone coming to see her this week.
“He thinks I am kidding, but tell me yourself,
how long can I keep from worrying?”



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