Fan that little candle of hope

Take 3

Under the tree as I walk by,
I see the leaves get on a flight of a lifetime.
They cover me in an embrace,
that I know will never be able to explain.

Long time ago, I heard these words and these words, oh, I love them so much.
“When a leaf falls over you, it’s always because someone somewhere some place is thinking about you.”

So when I see them falling on the ground, I do a little jig in my head and I quickly look around.
I scan the faces – tired, sad, calm, and preoccupied – and I think to myself:
“Are they happy? Do they notice? Do they realise or does it not matter?”
Like many, many small joys the life has to offer,
does this one too not qualify?

The ghosts of the past can keep the present self awake.
But when one knows, when one is sure with all their might and heart,
that someone in this cold night might be thinking about you,
you can’t help but fan that little candle of hope.
No matter how bad your day has been,
You can’t help but feel the warmth when you know that in this world you finally belong.

I hope the troubles of this world, of my life so small in comparison to the wide universe,
are never ever too heavy and burdensome.
So when those little leaves fall me, I hope my hearts always and forever, jumps and runs.

Take 2

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